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Workshop: Growing Your Business Influence with Data Analytics

Speaker: Stefani Drake, Founder and Lead Strategist, Drake Strategies

(E) In a world where everyone is inundated with information, telling a powerful story that moves people to action is difficult, but not impossible. It can be achieved when an organization understands their available data and applies it to their ongoing business strategy. In this session, you will learn how a business must use available data and analytics to build a roadmap and adjust the route along the way in order to expand its impact and reach more people by breaking through the information overload.

Workshop: The 10 Steps to Personal Financial Empowerment

Speaker: Stephanie Mackara, President, Charleston Investment Advisors, LLC

(E) (C) Know that every action you take in relation to wealth accumulation and financial management is designed to move your life in the direction of your purpose. As you set that mindset, as you set that vision, as you design YOUR PLAN, you remove your sabotage patterns and build the sound financial management practices needed to accomplish your WHY. During this workshop you will explore your WHY and develop a simple financial plan to help guide your journey.

Panel: The Returnship: How to Get Back to Work After a Hiatus

Panelists: Nichelle Harrison, CEO, Map Agency; Rachel Hutchisson, VP of Corporate Citizenship & Philanthropy, Blackbaud; Christina Lock, CEO, Catch Talent

Moderator: Caroline Collins, Republic Services

(C) (E) Women who take time out of their careers often face difficulty returning to the workforce when they’re ready. But a new trend is creating opportunities for women to resume their careers while connecting employers to a pool of talent that is often overlooked. Returnships, for example, are mid-career internship programs that allow women reentering the workforce to refresh their skills or familiarize themselves with new industries. Volunteering opportunities can teach women the skills they need to ease the transition back to work. This panel will cover ways to approach and support these opportunities, and other tips for women navigating the reentry process.

Panel: The Power of The Fearless Ask: Getting What You Want at Work and in Business

Panelists: Shauna Van Bogart, CEO, Shauna Vanbogart; Andrea D. Smith, Senior Brand Strategist,; Reba H. Campbell, Deputy Executive Director, Municipal Association of South Carolina

Moderator: Nathalie Gregg, Adjunct Professor, Business Consultant & Public Speaker

(E) (C) Are you afraid to ask for what you deserve? It can take difficult conversations to ensure that your work, your time, and your expertise are fully valued. But you don’t need to be intimidated by those conversations, as these panelists know. They have asked for the job, negotiated the contract, and become fearless in the pursuit of success. Learn their strategies and advice to take with you into the meeting room.

Workshop: Grow Your Most Important Asset: Your Social Capital

Speaker: Laura Camacho, CEO, Mixonian

(E) (C) Your ability to build a network of AUTHENTIC personal and professional relationships is the MOST important asset in your portfolio. The best jobs are usually not posted. Companies tend to use their internal networks for placing the most interesting positions. And business owners (mostly) live and die by referrals. In this engaging presentation, Dr. Laura Camacho, communication coach and certified introvert, will share why most people HATE networking and how to initiate, build, and maintain authentic relationships instead.

Workshop: Innovation Process: Bring Your Idea of a Product to the Market

Speaker: Elizabeth Snead, Cofense

(E) Good products creatively solve everyday problems. This workshop will break down the innovation process to turn familiar problems into products and grow a scalable business around them. You’ll learn how to test your product quickly, how to generate useful market feedback, and how to bring your final product to market with a scalable business model and brand protection.

Workshop: Your Prosperous Image: Create a Personal Brand that Wins Clients

Speaker: Lee Heyward, CEO, Lee Heyward

(E) (C) Are you ready to be seen as an expert in your field? Do you want to feel confident in any setting? Getting the business results you want is as simple as changing your clothes. In this session, you will learn to see your wardrobe as a business investment that can turn a “no” into a “yes,” inspire other employees to be their best selves, and make you feel confident and excited to be the chief executive officer of your own business, a Fortune 500 company, or your life. You will learn how to craft a wardrobe that serves you, because the clothing you wear can determine your success before you even open your mouth. After this workshop, you’ll be able to craft a wardrobe that serves you, because the clothing you wear can determine your success before you even open your mouth.

Workshop: Achieving Natural Balance: 3 Secrets to Increased Productivity, Vitality, and Influence

Speaker: Dr. Stephanie Zgraggen, DC, MS, CNS, CCN, Founder and Clinical Director, Lime and Lotus, LLC

(W) Although small, hormones play a major role in our bodies and they can be imbalanced easily through diet and lifestyle factors such as stress and being overly “busy.” Stress-related hormonal imbalance can manifest itself as a variety of health-related symptoms and conditions. By learning a few easy things that you can start implementing today, you can start to see real changes in your hormonal health and your life.

Panel: How to Overcome Gender, Racial & Age Bias at Work and in Business

Panelists: Robby Gulri, CMO, Engage Talent; Jane Perdue, CEO, The Jane Group; Sharon McGee, PHR, SHRM-CP, Charleston International Airport; Janet Bates, Director of Marketing, CF Evans Construction

Moderator: LB Adams, CEO, Practical Dramatics

(E)(C) How do we combat something that can be difficult to identify, describe, or prove? Both overt and unconscious bias can create obstacles in the workplace on the basis of gender, race, age, and socioeconomic status. In this panel, experts will share advice on how individuals can tactically confront and overcome workplace bias and discrimination, achieve pay equity, and leverage their diversity as assets to create a more equitable work environment.

Workshop: Executive Presence: Speak to Make an Impact

Speaker: Micky Kerwick, Coach, Own the Room

(E)(C) You have 10 seconds to make a first impression. If you waste those precious first seconds using filler words or body language that shows insecurity and disinterest, you’ve lost your audience. In this interactive workshop, we’ll look at techniques and the brain science to support the elimination of weak language, and how you can truly hone your executive presence to boost audience engagement and memorability.

Workshop: “Perfect”ing Your Negotiation: Getting what you want without giving up what you need.

Speaker: Cokie Berenyi, Founder and CEO, Alphavest

(E)(C) Women negotiate everyday – with our family, at our jobs, with the car mechanic, choosing a contractor for home projects or hiring that next employee.  And at every negotiation, each person has something they want. The individual that is in the best position has the greatest chance of getting their desired outcome. What does it take to get the best out of a deal? It’s all about what you do before the negotiation – how you prepare and how you show up. Cokie Berenyi shares how she has negotiated throughout her successful career in the highly competitive financial advisor industry – and how she helps her clients use the same approach to get what they want.  Learn 1) how to turn a perceived weakness into your greatest negotiation strength, 2) how to best prepare for success and 3) how to know when to walk away.

Panel: Mompreneurs and Ambitious Mothers: Navigating Parenthood and Professional Success

Panelists: Rozalynn Goodwin, Co-Founder, GaBBY Bows; Jill Shortreed, CEO, Charleston Balloon; Christina Lock, CEO, Catch Talent

Moderator: Gervase Kolmos, Shiny Happy Human

(E)(C)(W) Women now make up half of all workers in the United States, with nearly 4 in 10 homes supported by working mothers. Being a working mother means valuing both your family and your career, while facing internal and external pressure around what it means to fully be both a mother and a professional. It means prioritizing, creatively managing time and money, and finding ways to make space for yourself. This panel of successful “mompreneurs” will discuss not just the importance of finding balance, but the tools and support systems they’ve built to achieve and maintain that balance while raising families and growing flourishing businesses.

(E) – Entrepreneurship

(C) – Career

(W) – Wellness