About C4WNEW


C4WNEW is the annual conference of the Center for Women. The conference brings fresh ideas, useful knowledge, and innovative thinking to curious and ambitious women in South Carolina, igniting their professional growth, personal transformation, and economic advancement. Driven by the idea that “I don’t shine if you don’t shine,” C4WNEW is designed to facilitate meaningful connections that are essential to women’s individual and collective success.


We believe that women in South Carolina deserve more opportunities to access ideas and expertise that can transform their personal lives and careers. South Carolina is among the top five states for growth in the number of women business owners, and research increasingly shows that women demonstrate natural business acumen and make strong leaders and collaborators. Conversely, our state is among the lowest-ranking nationwide in metrics of gender equality, including ranking 45th in income equality by gender. While women face unique challenges, they also embody unique opportunities as professionals and business owners. Through the C4WNEW Conference, we are fostering an accessible and informative environment for women’s collaboration and growth.


The C4WNEW Conference will convene 200-300 professional women, including executives, entrepreneurs, young professionals, and those navigating career transition. Our audience comes from throughout the state and spans a variety of ages, education levels, and socio-economic backgrounds to connect women across traditional communities to share insight and experiences.

About The Center For Women

The Center for Women is a community of women educating each other for personal and professional fulfillment. Since our inception nearly 30 years ago, we have become a destination for women in Charleston to receive support, education, and resources at critical junctures in their careers and personal lives that empower them to take next steps toward success. We serve more than 1,000 women annually through career-readiness courses, entrepreneurship training, personal and professional development seminars, and special events. Since initiating our entrepreneurship program, we have helped start more than 75 women-owned businesses and contributed to the creation of over 100 local jobs by women business owners.