8 am- Check in, Coffee, Visit Exhibitors

8:30 am – Welcome, Introductions & Announcements

9 am – Morning Energizer!

9:30 am – Break & Visit Exhibitors

9:45 am – “Act” Breakout Sessions

10:55 am – “Aspire” Breakout Sessions

12 pm – Lunch & Keynote Speaker, Samantha Ettus

1:30 pm – Break/Visit Exhibitors

1:50 pm – “Achieve” Breakout Sessions

2:45 pm – Break/Visit Exhibitors

3 pm – Afternoon Energizer & Speed Networking

3:45 pm – Closing Remarks & Giveaways


Morning Energizer

Craft Your Personal Brand & Kick Up Your Confidence: Learn To Speak Well About Yourself
LB Adams

No more Ms. Nice Guy! In this interactive talk, we provide a 3 point template to retool, redesign and restate how you speak about yourself. After all, if you can’t tell the world how awesome you are, how will they know?

Act Breakout Session

Modern PR & Social Media Marketing Strategies

Angharad Chester-Jones & Johnny Caldwell

Learn how to maximize the impact of your press releases and print marketing from communications expert, Angharad Chester-Jones and social media strategies from content creator and Cocktail Bandit,  Johnny Caldwell during this break-out session that brings traditional marketing and social interaction together.

Strength Comes in Many Forms

GM Whitley, Alison Smith & Kathleen Wilson

Are you an overachiever, or someone who avoids the limelight?  Are you interested in being involved locally, or do you see yourself as part of the global community?  Our session will offer a broad roadmap for success in the field of civic engagement, designed for women from all walks of life.  We will help you unlock your unique strengths as you begin to imagine the many ways you can have a positive impact as a local and global citizen.

Stop Selling Yourself Short

Jane Perdue & Dorie Wallace

Do you wish you could bring more people around to your point of view? Are you reluctant to talk about your abilities and accomplishments? Are you concerned your credibility isn’t as high as it could be? If so, you have lots of female company–and the opportunity to move past these actions that hold you back.

Research (and personal experience) tell us women underestimate both their abilities and performance, men take up 75 percent of the talk time in meetings, and women don’t feel confident that what they say will be valued.

In this fun, informative, and interactive workshop, women will learn why it’s important to stop selling themselves short as well as specific action steps they can confidently take to tell their story better.

Aspire Breakout Session

Taking the Leap:  Real Stories & Advice from Women Founders

Jennifer Owens, Danielle Wecksler, Danielle Mason Hosker, Ashley Bell

Hear from real women who aspired, acted, & achieved by having an idea, executing on it, and growing a business.  Entrepreneurs Ashley Bell, Danielle Mason Hosker, and Danielle Wecksler will share their insights and offer real-life advice on everything from taking the leap to balancing (as best they can) work and life.  Panel moderated by Jennifer Owens of Sparklight Partners.

Wit & Wisdom:  Test your wisdom.  Find your purpose.

Nancy Simpson & Paula Miller

In this interactive workshop,  Nancy Simpson and Paula Miller will explore the definition of wisdom as it applies to you. Led by two wise (and wisecracking) women, find out how being a mouse in a tutu can change your life.

The Secret to Setting F.A.B. Outcomes: Action Planning for Success

Keisha Rivers

Forget the “to do” list and feelings of being overwhelmed, overworked and unproductive. Discover strategies for creating step-by-step, concrete Action Plans that are connected with and lead to your desired outcomes. Module focuses on: Discovering Your Flow (The Art of Observation); Designing Your Outcomes (Start with Last Things First) and Determining Your Actions (The Natural Order of Things).

Key Takeaways:
How to toss your “to-do” list
Stop feeling overwhelmed, overworked and unproductive
Discover your flow
Design your outcomes
Determining your actions

Achieve Breakout Session

Three Lessons Harvard Taught Me but My Kids Made Me Learn

Bea Wray

In 2014, the U.S. Department of Agriculture estimated that raising a child from birth to the age of 18 costs approximately $245,000. With a two-year MBA from Harvard costing slightly over $200,000, which is more valuable? VP of Corporate Marketing at Advantage Media Group and Forbes Books Bea Wray knows both sides of this story. The Harvard Business School graduate and mother of three says raising her hilarious kids is what really taught her how to negotiate, communicate in the business world, and adapt to the ever-changing circumstances of the entrepreneurial universe.

4 “take aways” attendees can expect to gain from the session:

1. Define your story and repeat it. Find the uniqueness of your business’ story or your personal journey, while incorporating key words from your industry that will get your audience’s ears to perk up.
2. Listen twice.
3. Focus!
4. Confidence that time at home can build your career as much as time in the office.

How to Create a Buzz — The Proven Path to FREE Press

Lauren Milligan & Erin Kienzle

Attendees will learn how to create their own public relations plan from two experts who walk the walk: an entrepreneur whose self-taught methods have generated thousands of leads and hundreds of thousands in revenue, and a Charleston tv host, who decides which businesses and which stories get featured on the air. Attendees will learn how to compose a great pitch, create a media database, polish their on-air presentation, and become the media’s go-to source.

From Personal Narrative to Entrepreneurial Storytelling

Holly Fisher & Bonny C. Millard

Participants will discover the joys of building the foundation for writing personal narratives and how these stories can translate to clients and potential clients. Learn quick-start techniques and ideas for bringing these stories to life. Then, using specific strategies for creating compelling content, find out how to turn those stories into marketing tools for your business, fueling your website, blog, public relations campaigns and social media channels.

Afternoon Energizer

Make 2017 the year of YOU!
Katrina Cobb & Angela Klick

As women, we are wonderful at giving our energy to others while putting our lives and health on the back burner. How are you supposed to squeeze time for yourself into your hectic, busy, go-getter life as a woman on the move?  In this session we will break down how to recapture your health and happiness. You’ll walk out of this presentation armed with these little lifestyle hacks that will add up to improving your health, recharging your batteries, fueling your drive and centering your mind.

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